So You’ve Got A Big Idea


So you have a big idea for a brand new product or you want to invigorate an existing product with a unique new twist. What’s next for you? How do you put your ideas into practice or get your product out into the market? Below we have some ways for you to move your business forward and to start to grow and expand your ideas.

Research the Market

The first step towards getting your idea out there is to research the market to see what similar products already exist, to get to know what kind of people would benefit from using your product and start to brainstorm ways to differentiate your ideas and make them stand out. Think about what interests your idea will serve:  Does it simplify a complicated process? Is it a less expensive method to do something that is already popular? Researching the market will help you to discover who your clients or customers are, what they want, and how you can bring it to them.

Engage in Communities

The next step is to engage with communities to obtain some feedback about your product or idea. There are a ton of online resources and communities for entrepreneurs to introduce their ideas to groups of experts and enthusiasts who are eager to give feedback to help you refine your idea and develop a strategy before presenting it to a broader customer base. Facebook, Reddit, and even Twitter are some great places to find these communities. Try to find communities that align with your ideal market or those who have experience in the market that you’re trying to enter.

Compare and Contrast

Doing extensive research in communities and in the market will help you to find out how your product or idea is unique and will allow you to highlight those qualities to give it an edge when you launch into the next phase of product development and marketing. Specializing your product in a specific market is a good way to start to build customer relationships and brand recognition and to perfect your product so that it might eventually be ready for general use. is the newest app that serves both influencers and merchants by making online purchases simpler than they’ve ever been. Their service is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs to introduce their products directly to consumers through influencers and social media without customers having to travel to another website to facilitate a transaction. This speed and ease of use make it an excellent and secure investment for anyone starting a business or looking to expand their existing business.

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