How to Take Advantage of IGTV with Payflic


Instagram recently launched a new video platform app called Instagram TV. Instagram TV, or IGTV, lets users upload long-form vertical videos that can be up to an hour long -- the Instagram videos we are familiar with are limited to one minute. IGTV is available for download as a separate app and, like Instagram, is free to use for both viewers and content providers. Below is a description of how Payflic works on platforms like Instagram and what the addition of IGTV to the platform means for merchants, influencers, and buyers. This article will also explain how Payflic applies to this new change and will give some advice on how Payflic merchants and influencers can maximize their results using IGTV.

How does Payflic Work?

Payflic is an app that completely simplifies the process of online shopping. Rather than following multiple links and filling out long forms on a tiny screen to make a purchase, customers will be able to take screenshots of content that features a Payflic code and confirm the notification to make a safe and secure purchase.

To use Payflic, merchants must create an account with their products and merchandise. Influencers can use Payflic to choose which merchants and products they’d like to advertise. Payflic adds a unique QR code for the product so that buyers can screenshot the QR code on the product and know exactly what they’re getting.

Payflic works for both videos and images, so it’s great for influencers who use a variety of formats and styles on their accounts. Until IGTV, videos on Instagram were limited to a minute long, resulting in ad videos that are very saturated around one product. IGTV is anticipated to be a huge game changer in online and influencer advertising by increasing flexibility and changing the standards of video content.

How you can use IGTV for e-commerce with Payflic

Instagram has long been the best app for merchants and influencers to promote their brands and merchandise; the long form videos of IGTV will help merchants and influencers even more to build appeal and to advertise products in new ways. Payflic merchants can use longer video to create less product-saturated content, which will also allow Influencers to advertise multiple products at one time. Payflic codes make it easy for customers to purchase products instantly through videos and can manage their own accounts through the Payflic Shopify app.

IGTV enables merchant and influencers to use traditional marketing methods like product placement, endorsements, and demonstrations. This increased level of exposure increases familiarity with clients and builds a better relationship between businesses and clients. Merchants and Influencers can also communicate within the Payflic app so that it’s easier to develop a consistent strategy, to talk about business goals and performance, and to build rapport and professional relationships between influencers and merchants.

Longer videos also mean that influencers can advertise products within a broader context or narrative to which customers can relate. This differs from short videos because long videos increase exposure and familiarity.


As a new feature on one of the world’s most popular apps, IGTV will bring in a large wave of new viewers and increase the pool of potential customers and brand exposure. Merchant and influencers should act quickly to take advantage of IGTV to get an edge on competitors by experimenting with longer videos and evaluating customer and follower responses.

IGTV will change how frequently users visit the app as well, making it a bigger competitor with YouTube and other video sharing websites. Although the long-term effects of this remain to be seen, it has been speculated that IGTV could be a game changer for both YouTube and Instagram content creators because of the different ways that Instagram and YouTube monetize. Both content creators and merchants can also find ways to maximize their results from these services, but there is no doubt that IGTV will have a huge effect on e-commerce for merchants and buyers.

Payflic is coming soon to the App Store and Google Play. Influencers can sign up for a free account now and get ahead of the competition. Merchants can sign up for a mailing list to be the first to know when the app is available for download and for use.

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