How to Retain a Customer’s Initial Interest With Payflic


The phone has evolved from its humble origins as a simple communication device. Photos, e-mail, games...cell phones are a little, portable computer in everyone’s pocket. Having access to social media anywhere you go is basically the tagline for phones in general. But there’s one aspect of the internet that a lot of people still flock to their laptops for, and that’s online shopping.

 So here we have a bit of a disconnect. Phones for social media. Computers for shopping.

But what about selling products on social media?

Well, it’s always been a bit like herding cats. Potential customers scroll past dozens of Facebook posts for products they sincerely want to buy...later, when they’re back home with their wallet and they’ve already got their computer out for something else…

And that’s usually where the process ends. Screens are tapped, products are transferred to online shopping carts where they languish in digital obscurity, abandoned by a customer who just didn’t have it in them to hassle with typing in all their info on a tiny, poorly optimized touchscreen. (And the tabs, dear God all the open tabs!).

And let’s be honest. It usually is the payment and delivery forms that kill the romance. Just thinking about the impending hassle is enough to turn people off of the whole purchase, especially if it’s an inexpensive or “just for fun” item. Payflic works with Apple and Android pay to avoid this pitfall.


Wait, what’s Payflic?

Payflic is a social commerce platform. It’s a phone app that brings the ease of browsing social media to the purchasing of products. With Payflic, there’s no need for links or multiple tabs. All it takes is a screenshot and people can start to see shopping on social media as something fun and simple, rather than an arduous process laden with time-outs and dodgy mobile screen optimization.


The universal screenshot

Customers nowadays love cross-compatibility. They don’t want to hassle with separate processes for everything they want to buy. And if push comes to shove, they’ll forget the one product they wanted from site A in favour of the three they wanted from site B.

Here’s how Payflic keeps customers dedicated to all their purchase interests.

  • Step 1: When people like what they see, they take a screenshot of the product and its Payflic code. Then Payflic logs this information and the customer goes about their day, adding screenshots of anything else that might catch their attention. Payflic is like one big, universal shopping cart!


  • Step 2: From the Payflic app, the customer can see everything they’ve accumulated recently and directly purchase any or all items without having to hop from website to website.


One app to unite them all

Payflic doesn’t shut its users out of any social media market. That means it’s as effective on Pinterest as it is on Facebook. Customers don’t limit themselves to one social media app only, and neither should a purchasing platform.


The importance of reminders (or, “This is neat, maybe I’ll buy it later”)

If customers want, Payflic can send notifications to remind them of recent products they added. Payflic allows customers to essentially create their own “store” where they can browse through nothing but items they’ve hand-picked from all corners of social media.

Now items that customers were interested in but wanted to wait before purchasing stand a chance! No longer are they lost to the obscurity of the internet and then forgotten about. Payflic allows people to “save in the cart for later” regardless of what social media site they’re on or which seller they’re browsing.


Merchants versus Influencers

It’s 2018, and online products aren’t strictly listed on merchant pages anymore. Influencers are a big part of the internet shopping scene today.

Payflic stretches further than just a merchant’s official Facebook page. Any influencers helping to sell a merchant’s products can get in on the Payflic game as well. No more “click on the link in the description to go to another site to purchase the product.”

This means that video content is also fair game. All you need for Payflic to work is the ability to display a Payflic code!

Made with everyone in mind

Social media’s always been a great place to advertise products, but never really a great place to sell them. And that leap between the Facebook ad and the seller’s site may as well be the Grand Canyon for how quickly people are turned off by the idea of traversing it.

Payflic bridges that gap, and unlike other services, customers and sellers are held in equal esteem. The platform was designed for both consumers and merchants alike, never sacrificing one for the sake of the other. Merchants get fair fees, customers get fair treatment.

Good for sellers. Good for buyers. Good for everyone.


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