How to Optimise Your Checkout Experience


Check out has always been the worst part of the shopping experience, hasn’t it? Both in the real world and online. But we’ve been getting better at streamlining it. Many department stores have added conveniences like express lanes, and self-checkouts. E-commerce stores are also working to make checkouts a better experience for their users.

So what hurdles do online checkouts have to overcome?

Online shopping has always had a few extra barriers when it comes to checking out. There’s a lot more information that needs to be shared between the customer and the retailer, for one thing. (It’s not like Walgreens needs to know your home address, after all). And since online shopping is much easier to simply “up and quit,” it’s important for online retailers to make the checkout process as simple as possible to avoid losing revenue to frustration. Here’s what the online checkouts should be careful to avoid.

  • Restrictive Formatting

If the website is too picky about the exact formatting of addresses, names, etc., then people are likely to get annoyed and give up on the whole idea.

  • Mandatory Registration

Guest checkout is a lifesaver for people who’ve either forgotten their account information or don’t wish to join up for yet another set of weekly promotional e-mails. At the very least, registration should be prompted after the order is complete.

  • Too Many Steps

This might be the biggest problem. Yes, you need a lot of info to complete the transaction, but customers don’t like to feel like they’re getting the Spanish Inquisition. And keep in mind that what is mildly annoying on a laptop is going to be nearly unbearable on a mobile screen.

Can these issues be streamlined?

Absolutely. Website retail can be saved by some smart design and an autofill function. Mobile shopping, however, can be a bit trickier. Mobile devices can make even a decent checkout experience seem arduous. This is why more and more online retailers are using social commerce platforms for all their mobile selling needs.

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