How to Make Product Descriptions Attractive


Describing your products in a way that makes them enticing to potential customers is an advanced skill that takes some time and practice to hone. Although there may be some trial and error in determining which methods and techniques to use to describe your products, we have a few helpful hints to help you describe and advertise your products in the most effective way for search engine optimization. SEO in product descriptions is the process of using descriptions that make your products the first to come up in a search.

Know Your Audience

First of all, knowing your customer base and understanding what they’re looking for in products is the first step in knowing how to write product descriptions that attract them to your products. For example, if you’re describing tech products you may want to highlight the technology and new features, which should be different than if you were describing vintage clothing or jewellery.

A helpful practice is to imagine your ideal customer and to write your product descriptions as if you were writing for that person specifically. Another idea is to write as though you were describing it to a friend or someone you think would enjoy your product.

Show product understanding and use plain language that anyone could understand to reach the widest audience.

Create Lists

Although some businesses now favour longer and more detailed paragraphs about the history of a product in their descriptions, sometimes a list of key features and benefits is all you need to help sell merchandise. Lists are easy to comprehend for buyers and get to the point to help buyers make quick and informed decisions. Use your best judgment on which format is right for your business and your product. You may also consider creating a hybrid description and including a list within a qualitative description.

Consider Your Tone

The tone you use in your product descriptions will define how customers will think of you and your business. For example, if you use very bright and descriptive language like “This fun and flirty floral dress will keep heads turning!” you will set a different expectation for your business than “Floral dress, good for summer.” Being aware of how your descriptions will interpret your business personality will also create consistency in of your product descriptions. This consistency creates trust between you and your customers because they’ll come to feel as if they know you.

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