How to Get Started with Shopify & Payflic


Starting your own business is thrilling and a bit intimidating. A platform like Shopify makes setting up your online sales presence quick and easy. So don’t be afraid to dive right in and follow these steps to get started.

Pick Your Product

There are a few steps to cover before you go to First, you’ll need to decide on your product. If you’ve already figured out what you’re going to sell, then be sure to focus your product. Internet commerce is best suited to specialized goods. So find your niche and stick to it. You’ll gather more of a customer base this way, and there’s always room for expansion later. (Remember that Ebay cornered the market on auction-style sales before expanding into “buy it now” shopping as well.)

Price Your Product

Gather some data on your competitors. What’s their price range? How do they market their products? Do they charge for shipping? Compare these elements with the success of the products to pinpoint which practices get the best results. This information will help you set your prices and decide your store’s practices and policies.


Now that you’re done pre-planning, it’s time to set up shop. Setting up a Shopify account can usually be done in under an hour. When you’re finished entering your personal information and any products you’re ready to sell, Shopify will give you some customization options. Pick a theme, a logo and a colour scheme. Try to make your page unique. You don’t want to look like a carbon copy of half a dozen other stores.

You’ll also need to get your domain ready and set up payment processing. Don’t worry if that sounds intimidating, Shopify will walk you through the process.

Brand Yourself

Once you’ve got your shop up and running, you’ll want to return to your product. It’s time to make sure you’ve got more than just a conglomeration of stuff. You need a brand. A business’s brand is the perception of all its elements combined: Logos, colour schemes, and the store’s name and language. All these things should fit together. You don’t want to label your products with flowery words but then use a vicious wolfhound as your logo.

Your brand needs to remain consistent across all platforms and having to re-brand can confuse potential customers and lose you sales. So it’s vital to get your brand right from the beginning. Start by identifying your customer base and designing your brand to attract them.

Update Your Social Media

Your shop needs to have a presence across all major social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter should be your first priorities, but don’t forget about more niche sites like Instagram and Pinterest, either. You can have a slightly different “voice” on each platform, but make sure your branding remains consistent.

Social media is the first place curious potential customers are going to look if they want to know more about you, so make sure you update your accounts regularly with a variety of information.

●      Product listings

Obviously, you should use social media to advertise your products, especially new arrivals or merchandise that’s on sale. But you don’t want your Instagram account to look like nothing but a sales catalogue. Be sure to vary it up a little bit.

●      Industry Information

Is there anything new going on in your sphere of the online sales world? Then let people know. Twitter is a great platform for small shoutouts or tidbits of interesting information to catch people’s eye.

●      Photographs

Switch it up with your photographs now and then as well. Make sure your official product photos are very professional, but you can also toss in some goofier pictures now and then. For example, a picture of you or an employee using a product can be a good way of humanizing your company.


Be Ready for Social Media Commerce

Speaking of Facebook and its ilk, you should also consider joining up with Payflic. People like to browse on social media, but the rate of people who actually follow through with a purchase they began on a social media site is pretty low. This is because linking from a Twitter post to a store website where a dozen different tabs will pop up along the way is arduous. A social media commerce platform like Payflic can help you boost sales by removing all this hassle.

There are fees for signing up with a service like Payflic, but they’ll help you move a lot more goods in the long run. So keep their information handy for when your business gets off the ground.

And there you have it, you’re officially the CEO of your own small business. Whether you’re drop shipping or operating from an old-fashioned brick and mortar store, your new Internet presence will help you grow.

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