Frequently asked questions

What is Payflic?
Payflic is a social commerce platform that facilitates transactions between companies and consumers. The platform comprises of smartphone application forr IOS for buyers and influencers, in addition to a web application designed to be used by Merchants.
How is Payflic different from other social commerce platforms?
Unlike other social commerce solutions, Payflic doesn’t need programmatic integration into each social media platform, meaning once a buyer has it on their device, they can buy from any social media platform using one secure app – no more redirection to a merchant’s website.
How does it work?
Influencers and Merchants produce content (Video / Image) displaying Payflic QR codes, these QR codes are representative of the product(s) for sale in the content. Buyers then screen capture the content, go to the Payflic app and choose what they want from the screenshots they have collected and check out with Apple pay. No more credit card and delivery address forms!
Who can use it?
We have designed the platform to be used by merchants who wish to sell; influencers who wish to sell on a merchant’s behalf and of course consumers!
When can I get it?
Which countries is Payflic available in?
The beta version is only available in the UK, USA and Canada. We will be looking to extend Payflic as far as we can geographically in the coming years. Use the contact form to let us know if you want it in your country.
How secure is Payflic?
Security has been at the forefront of the design and development process. We use Apple pay in conjunction with Stripe to ensure all funds are processed in the most secure way possible.
What is the Payflic network?
We want to create a credible network of Influencers and merchants, effectively bridging the gap between the two in the world of influencer marketing. The network will be hosted and available on the Payflic web application for both influencers and merchants. Merchants can create profile’s displaying their product range, product ratings etc. and influencers can create profiles displaying their social media following and their audience’s interests, seller rating etc. This will allow each side to search for the best fit depending on their needs.
Do sellers have an SLA for delivery/delivery timescales/returns/price protection?
When merchants join the Payflic network they are bound by our T&C’s, which dictates they adhere to an SLA. Again, we only allow merchants with a proven track record to join the network to pre-emptively reduce issues with transactions and delivery of products or goods sold.
How do I use Payflic to buy something on social media?
Install the app from the App Store, log in using Facebook or Gmail and configure Apple pay. The next time you come across a video displaying a Payflic QR code simply screenshot the video and shop in the app. You can conclude a transaction in a matter of seconds.
Do I have to give credit card information to Payflic?
No, Payflic uses Apple pay to ensure your card information remains secure; we will never require or store your card information.
Where does my money go when I make a purchase?
Payflic uses the security of Apple pay & Stripe to process payments. Your funds will be processed through Stripe and paid directly to the respective merchant so they can process your order.
How can I get a refund on an item I’ve purchased?
Payflic does not directly handle refunds, however, we will inform the merchant you have requested a refund and allow them to dictate their own refund policy. However, if we feel a merchant has not handled a refund in a reasonable manner it may affect their rating.
Who is responsible for processing my order and delivering my product?
The merchant has sole responsibility to process your order and deliver your product. However, Payflic ensures we only allow reputable companies to sell on our platform. We will also assist you with any issues you may have regarding an issue with your order.
How do you define an Influencer?
An influential individual on social media who has an engaging audience.
What’s the Influencer account creation process?
Complete the influencer registration/ application form located on the web application. Following a review, we will activate your account. You can then feel free to download the smartphone application and utilise the Payflic network.
How do I sell merchants products using Payflic?
We have designed the selling process to be as easy and simple as the buying process. As an influencer, you would use the smartphone application to create a listing. Using the smartphone application, choose a product you wish to sell from a merchant’s profile, import or take a new video review, and post to any social media platform you choose, simple!
My following isn’t that big right now. Can I still be considered to use Payflic as an Influencer?
Yes. Bigger isn’t always better, instead, we look at how your followers engage with your content. We focus on quality, not quantity.
Can I still use Payflic as a buyer if I have an influencer account?
Yes. You are also an individual who loves to get deals on the items you want.
How can Payflic benefit my following and me?
We want you to maximise your contents earning potential. Equality – giving your following the ability to purchase the exact products you have in your content gives them a further sense of connection with you. They follow you and engage with your content because they are influenced by your lifestyle, product choices and personality.
What types of companies are affiliated with the Payflic network?
We like to partner with companies that fall into the following categories; hair and beauty, fitness, fashion & lifestyle and technology & gaming. More importantly, we like to affiliate with companies that have the same core values we have – to provide consumers with a higher level of quality to meet their needs.
Can I sell my own Product range?
If you wish to sell your own products, you would have to create a merchant account. This is simply due to how the funds are distributed across the system.
When and how much do I get paid per transaction I facilitate?
We pay influencers commission monthly, this is to lower our fee’s and validate the completion of each sale. The merchants you sell on the behalf of set commission on the value of the products sold.
Who is a merchant?
We consider merchants to be registered companies in their own respective jurisdictions.
What’s the merchant account creation process?
Complete the merchant registration/ application form located on the web application. Following a review, we will activate your account. You can then feel free install the Shopify application and utilise the Payflic network.
How do I put my products on the Payflic network?
All of your product are automatically synced from your Shopify store by default, you can also restrict any products you do not wish to be on Payflic.
What size companies do you accept on the Payflic network?
We have no restriction on the size of companies, however, that being said, we would have to conduct more due diligence on a smaller company. Creating a network of credible merchants is extremely important to the experience all of our users have.
What kind of products can I sell via Payflic?
As we are partnered with stripe, please refer to their prohibited businesses table here ( to see a full list of the products and services Payflic does not facilitate.
Can we sell our own product on our own behalf using Payflic?
Yes – we have designed the selling process to be as easy and simple as the buying process. As a merchant,  using the web application, simply choose a product from your company’s profile, generate and download a unique Payflic QR code in one click. Add this barcode to your awesome content and post. simple!
How can Payflic increase our selling capabilities on social media?
Because of how simple Payflic is to use, consumers are more inclined to make impulsive purchases from the content displaying your products Payflic QR codes. People have been conditioned to act impulsively on social media, whether that means liking, sharing or commenting on a post so adding a fluid payment system here just makes sense. Research has shown, videos with a call to action have a higher engagement rate, this is a clear indicator of how Payflic can increase your direct selling capabilities on social media.
Which types of influencers are on the Payflic network?
We focus constantly on getting only the most relevant influencers on board. We look for both influencers with a large and or niche following, but more importantly, we look at how their audience engages with the content they produce. The higher the engagement the better the sale conversion rate. Typically we focus on individuals who are influential in the following markets; hair and beauty, fitness, fashion & lifestyle and technology & gaming.
How can I ensure only the type of influencers I want representing my business to sell on my behalf?
We give you the tools to select the criteria an influencer must meet before they can begin selling on your company’s behalf. If required, you can block select individuals from your profile ensuring they can never represent your company.
How will I be updated on a new sale?
This depends on your requirements. By default, we update merchants via email, push notification and notification on the web application. However, if you require integration with your own sales system, we can discuss a solution that fits your business needs. (
When will we receive funds for completed sales?
We process the payment directly from the consumer to the bank account you attached to your account on registration immediately, minus fees.
How much does it cost to sell via Payflic?
We like to stay as competitive as possible with our fees. Please check the fees section of our site to see what fees you can expect to incur.