Our Brand Guidelines

We have created the following brand guidelines for Payflic assets to ensure our brand is represented correctly. Our brand guidelines are updated from time to time, so please ensure you check this page out regularly.

For any brand guideline enquiries not covered on this page, please contact us at support@payflic.com

  1. Payflic codes
  2. Colours
  3. Typeface
  4. Media content

General guidelines


  • Follow out T&C’s and Policies
  • Ensure Payflic’s brand assets are clearly displayed when used


  • Use any Payflic assets in connection with pornography or any adult content.
  • Use any third party representations of the Payflic logo’s or trademarks.
  • Use Payflic brand assets in such a way that implies partnership with Payflic and your personal or company brand.

Payflic codes

Payflic code
96px x 96px. Minimun 2px border

Payflic codes are at the centre of what makes Payflic, well Payflic. Payflic codes contain metadata that link to product data on our servers. A Payflic code can be added to any digital media or physical print, making it possible for Payflic users to screenshot and directly purchase products from any platform.

To ensure Payflic codes you create are compatible with our systems please follow the below:

  • The suggested minimum size of a Payflic code is 2.54cm x 2.54cm (96px x 96px) — Although it is important that you test each Payflic code you create prior to publishing it to prevent issues.
  • Do not amend any colours of the Payflic code.
  • Do not edit, change or remove the Payflic logo from any Payflic code.
  • Do not add any other image, icon or logo over the top of the Payflic code
  • Ensure the Payflic code is completely visible with a minimum 2px border from the outer black outline of the Payflic code.

Payflic Colours

We use three primary colours to identify the Payflic brand. Clean, simple and elegant.


Payflic Typeface

Open Sans

We have chosen a simple and clear typeface that represents Payflic’s simple yet efficient system.

Creating Payflic media

Payflic codes can be appended to any media content, please follow the below Payflic media rules below for the best results:

  • Ensure Payflic codes are positioned in a suitable place on the media content.
  • If you use filters that amend the tone of colour of the Payflic code, test each newly created piece of Payflic media before publishing it.
  • When creating Payflic media for Instagram, it’s important to ensure your original media content meets Instagrams posts dimensions before adding the Payflic code to the media to ensure the Payflic code is not trimmed out of frame.
  • If you create Payflic media from within the iOS or Android app the Payflic code watermarking process will be handled automatically, however, as a merchant creating your own Payflic codes, you will have to manually append each Payflic code to a singular piece of media. Payflic codes are downloadable from your barcode library inside the Shopify Payflic app in .png format.